• Bigs plan two to four outings per month with their Little.
  • Getting together is flexible and usually takes place on weekends for two to four hours at a time mutually convenient for the Big and Little.
  • It's fun, easy, and simple: You and your Little decide what you like to do on your outing: toss a ball, watch a movie, share a pizza, visit a museum.
  • You have the option to participate in Jewish holiday celebrations sponsored by Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Thanks to the generosity of donors, tickets are available to major sporting events and theatre productions in and around Boston.
  • To establish a long lasting relationship we suggest a minimum one-year commitment. 

  • Bigs and Littles meet at local elementary and middle schools for approximately one hour during the Little's lunchtime, usually between 11:30 and 1:30.
  • Bigs have the flexibility to meet with their Littles two to four times a month throughout the school year.
  • Bigs and Littles plan activities that both find enjoyable: playing board games, shooting hoops, reading, doing arts and crafts, making memory books.
  • Our in-school program is ideal for volunteers, including students and workers, looking for Big Brother Big Sister opportunities available on weekdays.





JBBBS matches volunteers with people who have disabilities and are looking to establish sustaining friendships. F2F program participants are 18 years of age or older, have mild to moderate disabilities, possess conversational skills, and are able to manage basic independent living skills.


  • F2F matches meet individually two to four times a month; meeting times are flexible.
  • F2F matches choose and plan their own community activities or events, and each person in the match is responsible for covering his or her own costs. They also have the option of participating in holiday celebrations offered throughout the year by Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

  • MAGIC matches meet one week night a month and participate in a group activity.
  • Each group activity is preplanned and coordinated by Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Each Friend 2 Friend participant (volunteer and Friend) is responsible for providing his or her own transportation to the group activity. 


Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters services vary according to the needs of the individual or family. We offer mentoring relationships for all children who need and want them. We provide opportunities for adults with disabilities to build long-term friendships, gain access to community activities, and forge stronger connections to the Jewish community. We look at whether a family could benefit from therapy or financial assistance.

We recognize, always, that no two situations are alike. And that every single person is unique.

Making A Big Impact:
Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters welcomes volunteers and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, or physical disability.

"She adds a ray of light to my life."

Lisa, Big Sister





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