Why Volunteer

Why VolunteerAt Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters, volunteers represent a cross-section of our community. They are Jewish and non-Jewish from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds and life experiences. Their motivations to volunteer are as diverse as they are – and they share a common commitment to mentoring-friendship.

Opportunities exist in both our children’s and adult programs for those with only a handful of hours a month to spare.

Why Volunteer

You think kids are hilarious/insightful/awesome – and you don’t have any of your own. Or your own children are all grown-up and you miss experiencing the world through their eyes. Or you just moved to Boston and you’re itching to make a new friend, explore a neighborhood you’ve never been. Or you’re a Jew-by-choice seeking to grow her connection to Jewish community. Or you’re passionate about disability advocacy. Or you know a Big Sister who can’t stop talking about how much she loves volunteering. Or, once upon a time, you were a Little Brother in our program – and now you’re in a position to “give back.”

We’d love to hear from you.

Here’s why.

  • Approximately 40 Little Brothers and Sisters are waiting on a right-fit Big Brother or Sister. The wait list is real. In the matching process, we take into account not only factors like a child’s geography vis-à-vis a volunteer’s but also his preference for a Big Brother who likes theatre or a Big Sister who plays sports. That is, not every qualified volunteer is a right fit for a child on the current wait list, so we’re always seeking an overflow of qualified, committed, Big Brothers and Sisters of all stripes to join us!

big sister little sister smiling

  • Adults with disabilities are waiting, too. In our Friend 2 Friend Programs, a roughly equal number of adults with disabilities have expressed interest in making a new friend. And maybe that friend is you.
  • There’s something in it for you. Volunteering with JBBBS has proven personally – and sometimes professionally – rewarding for many of our current and former Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Friend 2 Friend volunteers. The ones who think kids are hilarious/insightful/awesome. The ones who are growing their Jewish community. The ones who know the enthusiastic Big Sister and want to see what all the fuss is about. The ones who were Little Brothers.

If you’re someone with a little time to spare, why not?