Alumni Little Brothers, Sisters attend college on JBBBS scholarships.

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May 27th, 2015
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Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters’ college scholarship program helps defray the not-inconsequential cost to attend college for former Little Brothers and Sisters. Including Mel.*

Mel is serious and organized. “The amount of times I’ve rewritten my four-year plan is slightly absurd,” she laughs. “I am currently deciding between Law and Society, Leadership Studies and Counter Terrorism Studies – and who knows? I might end up studying more than one!” says the Georgetown University freshman. This past semester, she coordinated the campus’ Hunger and Homelessness Program.

Mel was matched to Big Sister, Eva, in 2004. They remain in close contact today. And, says Mel, Eva encouraged her through the college application process.  “My parents separated just before I was enrolled in the Children’s Program. And my younger sister has special needs. Life was tremendously stressful, so that relationship with Eva became very important to me. It still is.”

Mel says her dynamic with Eva taught her about friendship: how to make, and sustain, strong relationships with others. “Socially, I’ve really matured here at college, too. I’ve taken what I learned from Eva and applied it to relationships with new friends. I’ve met some really great people. I love it at school. I love that I get to go here for the next three years!”

Mel attends Georgetown, in part, on scholarship from Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters, which launched “The Campaign for Tomorrow’s Promise” last June to raise an additional $1 million for the JBBBS Higher Education Scholarship Fund. Says Vice President of Programs, Lisa Cohen, “Our goal for scholarship is to increase awards and decrease funding gaps so alumni Little Brothers and Sisters graduate with less debt.” JBBBS has currently raised about 2/3 of its campaign goal.

On June 10, the agency will hold its Annual Scholars’ Dinner. Donors and friends will have the opportunity to meet JBBBS college scholarship recipients and hear directly from college scholars how the scholarship fund has improved their college and career opportunities. For more information, see invite above or contact Vice President of Development, Susan Gotshalk, at 617.558.6536. To contribute to “The Campaign for Tomorrow’s Promise,” click here.

*Identifying information changed to protect confidentiality.