December 2019 Volunteer Shout Out: Shoshana Edelson

This month’s Volunteer Shout Out goes to Shoshana Edelson for being an exceptional Big. Shoshana joined JBBBS in 2016 and was matched with a then 14-year-old Little. Shoshana truly adores her “Little” and feels so lucky to have been matched with her. Shoshana is amazed at what an incredible young woman she has become and shared how proud she felt when her Little was accepted into her first-choice college.

Shoshana and her Little have been matched for over three years, and while their types of outings have evolved during their relationship, they maintain several traditions. Every year they dress up and head into Boston for dinner and a performance of The Nutcracker, something they both look forward to. Every fall, the match celebrates their “sister-aversary”” where they enjoy pumpkin spice lattes and a fun, but competitive, game of laser tag. This is what they did on their very first outing!

Shoshana describes her Little as the little sister she never had. She adds that one of the best parts of her match is recognizing how special it is and that both she and her Little, “truly clicked.” They bonded over interests such as Harry Potter and make-up. Shoshana has also discovered new interests, such as Pretty Little Liars, from her Little. When asked what she likes most about JBBBS, Shoshana shares that JBBBS has been “a wonderful support system.” She adds that she takes full advantage of the GEM gift cards, especially to JP Licks, as she and her Little “take chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream very seriously.”

When she is not volunteering with JBBBS, Shoshana spends her free time working as a group fitness instructor or attending a BU hockey game- something she has even brought her Little to a few times.

Thank you, Shoshana, for all you do! You truly make a difference!