Special Funds

There are several ways to contribute to special programs that are offered to our volunteers, participants and families.

A donation to any of these programs helps us to provide a high level of support for all our matches. For more information contact our Development team.

Requirements KidsPick of the Month – Each month, we distribute first come/first serve gift cards and admissions passes to restaurants, cultural institutions and other venues as part of this donor-funded program which helps defray the not-always inconsequential cost of volunteering. With Big Brothers and Sisters footing the bill for activities with Little Brothers and Sisters, cost alone might be a deterrent to volunteering here. But thanks to our Pick of the Month Program, prospective volunteers – in particular young adults – are better able to afford (and more easily enjoy) outings with their Little Brothers, Sisters and Friends. And being able to subsidize the cost of outings allows us to appeal to a wider volunteer base.

Annual Family Passover Seder: Each year as we approach Passover, we invite Big Brothers/Sisters, Little Brothers/Sisters and their families to join us for an inclusive, community family seder.  Experiencing this wonderful meal and the interactive nature of the holiday is an important way for us to build community.

MAP – Monthly Activity Program: Each month, the Children’s Program hosts activities where our Community volunteers and their Little Brothers and Sisters come together, free of charge.  These activities allow our Big Brothers/Sisters and Little Brothers/Sisters to create a community together and truly see the significance and power of mentorship beyond their individual match. From an afternoon of bowling or mini golf, to a movie or apple-picking, each month provides a new adventure.