Friend 2 Friend Friday: A Birthday with Friends.

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March 18th, 2016
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On Friend 2 Friend Friday, we share stories of interest to our community of adults with disabilities, our Friend 2 Friend volunteers, donors and others who believe strong, supportive one-to-one relationships matter. Sometimes, we profile a waiting adult, someone anticipating a match in Friend 2 Friend’s Community or MAGIC programs. We plug the need for volunteers. (The need is real. Right now, over 50 participants from all over our catchment area are awaiting a match – and maybe you’re it!) Other times, like today, we bring you this.

This is a photo of Jack celebrating his birthday.


It was submitted by his Friend, Emily. Emily and Jack were matched last year after Jack’s previous match to couple, Bella and Gilad, came to a natural conclusion. (In fact, it was Bella and Gilad who helped recruit Emily to volunteer at JBBBS!) And, last week, all three – Emily, Bella and Gilad – came together to mark Jack’s special day.

To many happy years of friendship for Jack and, indeed, for all of our participants!

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