Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Aiden!

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May 8th, 2015
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Here at JBBBS, we love Friend 2 Friend Friday: the day each week we dedicate to introducing you to one awesome, ready-to-be-matched participant on our Friend 2 Friend roster. These are adults with disabilities who are waiting – waiting on you, someone you know – to give of time and talent to the program. In return? Meet a new Friend.

Like Aiden, who’s waiting for a match in the Community Program.

You won’t regret it.


“I’m smart. I love math – especially Algebra.”

24-year-old Aiden, who has a developmental disability, was raised in a Chinese-American family in Watertown, where he still lives. He likes computer games, math and logic puzzles, mystery and suspense novels (bring on John Grisham!) and soccer, too. He played for four years in high school and attends soccer clinic for a couple of weeks each summer, which he looks forward to each year. He enjoys people but – by his own admission – spends a lot of time alone.

He’s currently participating in an office skills training program and hopes to eventually secure full-time work in an office setting.

With a new Friend, he looks forward to snagging lunch in Chinatown, listening to music, a game of mini-golf, gaming and – of course – talking about his favorite subject, math! He notes that he generally prefers activities that are quiet and low-key but once attended the most amazing basketball game. A Friend, he hopes, will be able to introduce him to new subjects, hobbies and interests.

Aiden’s ideal Friend: An intellectual. Self-described “math geeks” need apply! Must also be patient, clear and kind.

A little time + a lot of heart = Apply now to volunteer.