Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Alyssa!

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July 2nd, 2015
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William Penn

It’s Independence Day weekend (also Friend 2 Friend Friday)! We here at JBBBS wish to extend our very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday to all our friends. Today, as ever, we celebrate those friendships formed under the auspices of our Friend 2 Friend programs. And we reflect on the sometimes-liberating effect of friendship. (Fact: Spending time with someone with whom you can “just be yourself,” is pretty special. Being truly accepted, recognized and celebrated for your abilities is, too!)  That’s what Friend 2 Friend is all about.

And Friend 2 Friend Friday is about helping to identify amazing volunteers, amazing Friends, for men and women waiting to be matched in our programs for adults who have disabilities.

It’s simple: If you’re not already volunteering, consider whether now is the right time. If you are, share this story with a friend, family member or colleague on social media. Spread the word at your July 4 barbeque.  

We’d be extra special grateful. And so would Alyssa.


Alyssa, who is 24 and has Williams Syndrome, attends a vocational program on the North Shore during the day. She lives in Peabody with her parents. She says that she likes living on the North Shore but has found it a bit of a challenge to make friends with people her own age there. She’s seeking a match in Friend 2 Friend’s Community Program.

Likes: Animals, music, singing (opera is her favorite!) and new friends.

Dislikes: Noise.

Alyssa’s ideal Friend: Someone young, ideally a North Shore native or someone willing to travel to the North Shore to hang with her there. A music lover.

Ready? Apply now to volunteer.