Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Ayla!

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November 20th, 2015
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On Friend 2 Friend Friday, we bring you the profile of one ready (and waiting!) to-be-matched participant on our adults with disabilities’ roster. Friends – one participant to one volunteer – catch up once or twice a month to do as friends do! They dine out, play sports, make crafts, explore the city… Mostly, they have a seriously good time. More here.

At present, there are over 50 adults waiting on a match in the F2F Community Program.

Brookline native, Ayla, is one.


Ayla is 54 and says her favorite things to do are play and watch basketball, craft and café-crawl. Quick-witted and good-humored, she likes to make people laugh.

Ayla, who has a developmental disability, was matched twice before in Friend 2 Friend, with each match lasting over four years. She had such a good time, she says, that she’s eager to connect with someone new.

Ayla’s ideal Friend: Someone friendly, fun and similarly eager to meet a new person. She promises, “You won’t be bored exploring the city with me.”

Her caseworker concurs.

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