Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Delia!

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October 16th, 2015
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It’s Friend 2 Friend Friday, folks! Help us identify a great match for a great Friend! Apply now to volunteer and/or encourage someone in your network to do the same.


21-year-old Delia, who’s attending a high school transitions program, just landed her first job at a local café. Her confidence is unbridled. Asked to describe herself she notes: “I’m a superstar.” Also, she’s athletic. She plays golf and does gymnastics. She’s a budding artist. (Pencil sketches are her favorite.) She loves music and music videos, and she can pass hours poring over YouTube clips! Plus, she sings karaoke.

Delia, who’s been on Friend 2 Friend’s waitlist of ready-to-be-matched clients for 15 months, lives in Reading. It’s a geography where F2F seeks few inquiries from volunteers. Still, Delia remains hopeful she’ll eventually meet someone terrific. She is living with Down Syndrome, and she notes that while she’s a good friend, making friends has been a challenge.

She wants her future Friend to know that while her speech can sometimes make understanding her a little tricky, she’s happy to repeat herself.

Delia’s ideal Friend: Someone active, engaging. Music lovers and athletes welcome.