Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Grant!

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July 24th, 2015
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Profile compiled by Sydney Noymer, Emerging Jewish Leaders intern.

On Fridays, we introduce you to a participant waiting on a volunteer match in our Friend 2 Friend programs for adults with disabilities. Remember, Grant is just one of over 50 adults with disabilities waiting on a volunteer right now. That volunteer could be you or someone you know.


Meet Grant!

He’s 33 and lives in Newton. Grant has a car, which he enjoys taking out for drives. He loves to write, hike, spend time in nature and explore new places. (He especially loves the city.)

Grant, who has been diagnosed with developmental and learning disabilities, was matched before in Friend 2 Friend. (His last match lasted over four years!) The experience was a powerful one for Grant, so, he says, he’s looking forward to making a new Friend.

His ideal Friend: A great explorer, someone not remiss to adventure, who is patient and kind. Newcomers to Boston welcome!

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