Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Holden!

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May 22nd, 2015
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In this installment of Friend 2 Friend Friday, we introduce you to Holden, who’s been waiting for now over a year to be matched in the Community Program. We hope that if you’re reading and not already volunteering that you’ll consider it. And if you’re already matched, we hope that you’ll share this blog with a friend/family member/colleague/favorite hipster. Holden is a seriously cool friend. You just haven’t met him yet!


At 25, Holden – from Malden – works part-time in a local bookstore. He’s on the media: a film buff who follows a number of television series and enjoys chatting about what’s making headlines. He writes movie reviews for an entertainment website. Holden is a city guy, through and through. And though he knows it well, he still loves exploring Boston. (Bragging rights: He’s tasted a burger from almost every burger joint in the city!)

Holden, who has been diagnosed with a learning disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder, lives part-time in a group home, which he says he enjoys for the company. Still, he notes, few of his housemates share the same interests. He’s also managed to make a number of friends online, but they live outside the area. Ergo, he’s hoping to connect to someone with whom he can media shop talk in person!

Holden’s ideal friend: Someone game for small adventures around town, someone with whom he can talk journalism and media, critique movies (and burgers).

To apply to volunteer, click here.