Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Kat!

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March 20th, 2015
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Ta-dah! Meet someone awesome. Apply now to volunteer. Kat is waiting.


On the eve of her 47th birthday, there’s one thing Kat from Brighton wants more than anything: To meet you, her new friend.

Kat was matched for three years in Friend 2 Friend. (Her match ended last summer when her Friend moved west, and she’s been anticipating a next friendship since.) “It really matters to me,” she says.

For Kat, who has a mild developmental disability and struggles with anxiety and depression, friendship doesn’t come simple. Plus, she’s busy: She lives alone and works part-time. But Kat is also social, interested in staying active and eager to share some of her favorite hobbies with a Friend. She enjoys shopping, baseball games, dining out, strolling the galleries at the MFA. She’s awaiting a match in both Friend 2 Friend Community and MAGIC.

Kat is seeking a Friend who: Enjoys keeping busy and can help her to stay positive, focused on the good. “Must be non-judgmental, easygoing and energetic.” Young adult volunteers welcome! Also, Kat is T-accessible!