Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Mara!

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March 6th, 2015
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On “Friend 2 Friend Friday” we introduce you to one ready-to-be-matched participant in our programs for adults with disabilities. This week, we take you to the North Shore, where Mara is waiting for a Community volunteer. You? Someone you know? Help us to help Mara make an awesome new Friend! Share this story on social media. Message a colleague with a link.

Our waitlist is real. Right now, over 50 people are waiting on volunteers in Friend 2 Friend’s Community and MAGIC programs. Click here to learn more, and apply to volunteer.


18-year-old Mara is a fully bilingual Russian/English speaker. She’s close with her family. She immigrated from Russia with her mom and big brother when she was just six. These days, they live together in the North Shore town of Danvers, where Mara also attends school.

She was matched once before, and the experience was overwhelmingly positive – but the match ended some 11 months ago when her volunteer changed jobs and began commuting to a different location for work. Though her geography is tricky (JBBBS sees few volunteers from the North Shore), Mara is committed to making a new friend. She trusts one is out there. [Editorial aside: We do, too!]

And friendship is important to her. Her family struggles to make ends meet, and Mara struggles with ADHD and learning disabilities which, she says, have made it tough for her to form friendships with peers at school.

Mara seeks a Friend who is: “young, hip and interested in arts and crafts,” a creative type who appreciates live music and visits to museums. Ideally, she would live in or in proximity to the North Shore.

So tell your friends to tell their friends: Mara is awesome. And she’s waiting to meet you!