Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Mason!

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March 13th, 2015
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BallIt’s here: Friend 2 Friend Friday! Today, we introduce you to yet another fabulous participant in one of our programs for for adults with disabilities. He was accepted to the Friend 2 Friend Community Program now over 10 months ago. Also, he’s not yet matched, meaning that you or someone you know might be that Friend.

If so, let’s talk.


At 19, Mason is a big guy with a big heart; he stands over 6-feet-tall.  Born and raised in Georgia, he moved to Roxbury at the age of 12 to live with his dad. He attends school outside the city limits during the day and relies on dad for rides. Once the school day ends, Mason doesn’t have much contact with his classmates.  He has a developmental disability and ADD, which have made it hard for him to connect with young people in his neighborhood. When most of his peers are hanging out, exploring the city, Mason says, he’s socially-isolated.

He has a ton of hobbies and interests and would be thrilled to share them with a new Friend. He’s into basketball – and, one day, he’d like to learn to play guitar.

Mason’s ideal friend is: “nice and always does good,” someone with whom he could get out of the house, go bowling, hit up a mall or a movie. Opponents on the court welcome.