Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Oliver!

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February 20th, 2015
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On “Friend 2 Friend Fridays,” a new installment on the JBBBS blog, we introduce you to participants who are waiting to be matched in one of our programs for adults with disabilities. The waitlist (over 50 deep at the moment) is real. Real people. Real stories. Names changed to protect confidentiality.

We’re sharing these stories not only because we think they’re interesting (they are) or because you’ll enjoy hearing them (you will), but also because we trust that you are someone – or you know someone – who could help us to help somebody who’s looking for a friend.


Oliver is 46. He’s waiting to be matched in our Friend 2 Friend Community Program. He’s living in a group home in Waltham and has limited interactions with anyone save for his housemates. With few opportunities to meet new people, he hopes Friend 2 Friend will afford him the chance.

He describes himself as “nice,” “well-mannered,” and “outspoken.” He has an intellectual disability and visual impairments which, he adds, don’t stand in the way of his favorite pastime: Reading the newspaper (a gift from a Project Dreidel donor!) in full, every day – starting with the sports section. He does deadpan impressions of his favorite baseball umps and football refs. Also, he’s ready to socialize.

Oliver is looking for a friend who: Enjoys sports as much as he does, can keep pace with him at the bowling alley and enjoys eating out.

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