Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Ralph!

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December 28th, 2015
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You saw the ball drop.

This year, make a resolution to make a difference. Here at JBBBS, over two dozen children are awaiting Big Brother/Big Sister matches in our Children’s Program. Additionally, participants in our track for adults with disabilities are waiting, too – over 50 of them throughout our service area. On “Friend 2 Friend Friday,” we highlight this need. We share the story of one waiting adult and ask you to consider whether you (or someone you know) might be a good match for him or her. If so, let us know it. Complete this short form.


58-year-old, Ralph, lives in a Mattapan group home. During the day, he attends a work program in Quincy; he’s also regularly enrolled in classes at the Brookline Adult Education Program where, most recently, he enjoyed a course in Mindfulness. He likes to exercise (especially circuit training) and aspires to reincorporate a tai chi regimen into his day. He’s also an animal-lover.

Ralph has been diagnosed with a mild developmental disability and co-occurring depression and anxiety. He’s also currently undergoing dialysis treatments. His health challenges, he says, have made him particularly eager for friendship, which he views as an important outlet and a diversion. He notes, however, that he’s found it challenging to strike up meaningful friendships with his housemates; they have limited verbal skills by comparison, and Ralph is a good (and especially eager) conversationalist.

Ralph’s ideal volunteer: Someone friendly and chatty. He’s amenable to most any activity (especially loves eating out and taking walks). Bonus points for dog-lovers! Note: Ralph’s volunteer need not transport him as, with prior arrangement, he can typically get himself as far as Brookline.