Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Tad!

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June 19th, 2015
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AlbertSchweitzerOn Friend 2 Friend Friday, we introduce you to one participant waiting to be matched in our programs for adults with disabilities. You? Someone you know? Read on – and apply now to volunteer!


At 45, Tad describes himself as just one of the guys. But those of us who’ve met him concur: There’s nothing “just” about him. Tad is extra cool, extra fun and extra thoughtful.

He lives in Reading, which is a geography from which JBBBS sees fewer volunteers. He’s been waiting for some time for a match in the Friend 2 Friend Community Program. He hopes participation will afford him an opportunity to share his hobbies and interests with someone new. Tad has been diagnosed with mild developmental disabilities and is both legally blind and hearing-impaired as a result of a craniofacial condition. He has some special dietary restrictions, too, but nothing that comes between him and his all-time favorite meal. “Boy, do I love a good cheeseburger!”

Other loves: Car races, music, socializing.

 Tad’s ideal friend: Someone about his age with whom he can “guy talk.” Should be into sports and music.