Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Travis!

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June 17th, 2016
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f2f donald picIt’s Friend 2 Friend Friday, all!

Meet Travis. He’s one of over 50 participants waiting on a match in our programs for adults with disabilities. Then ruminate on what you can do, right now, to make a BIG difference! If you’re not already, apply to volunteer. (One or two visits a month goes a long way.) Or, if you’re already volunteering, send this profile to your favorite, fun, altruistic friend/family member/colleague. Tell them you think they’d be great. If they have questions, they can always call our Engagement team at 617.558.6549.


21-year-old Travis lives in metro west with his family. He’s enrolled in some college courses online, loves music, playing guitar and teaching himself new tunes. He’s also a trivia master.

He’s been diagnosed with OCD and a learning disability which, he says, doesn’t actually stand in the way of one of his favorite things in the world: learning. (He clamors after new information and enjoys trying his hand at different skills and hobbies.) He notes, however, that, socially, he feels a little isolated. So he contacted Friend 2 Friend to help expand his network.

His ideal volunteer: Someone “fun and open,” interested in exploring new places, trying new restaurants and, in general, staying active. You? Someone you know? Click here.