Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Jon!

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July 17th, 2015
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Profile compiled by Sydney Noymer, Emerging Jewish Leaders intern

“Friend 2 Friend Friday” is a recurring feature on the JBBBS blog, in which we highlight one client waiting to be matched in our programs for adults who have disabilities. In posting, our goal is to inspire you to volunteer or to share this content with a friend/family member/colleague who’d be an asset to our programs.

Meet Jon.


Self-described “happy, cool and excellent,” 41-year-old, Jon, has all the makings of a really great Friend. Plus, he has lots of experience: He was previously matched for 13 years in Friend 2 Friend’s Community Program.

He lives in Brookline and works part-time at a local grocery store, which he enjoys for the opportunity to interact with customers and colleagues. He notes, though, that a developmental disability and vision impairment have made it challenging for him to strike up meaningful friendships outside of work. Thus, he’s turned to Friend 2 Friend for support.

He’s a man of many hobbies, but especially loves listening to music – recorded, live, it’s no matter! – bowling and hitting the gym.

Ideal Friend: Rock the mic at karaoke? Otherwise musical? Wish you were? We’d like to hear from you. In lieu of music-lovers, Jon would consider a contemporary of the “happy/cool/excellent” persuasion!