Hanukkah party a Friend 2 Friend tradition.

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December 4th, 2015
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For many of JBBBS’ Friend 2 Friend participants and volunteers, the annual Hanukkah party is a much-anticipated event. It brings together Jewish and non-Jewish clients from both Friend 2 Friend’s Community and MAGIC programs, their volunteers, board members and JBBBS staff for a night of noshing, dancing and a popular gift exchange. But it’s the company that keeps Friend 2 Friend participants, year after year, coming back for more.

Says Diana, who’s been matched for eight years in Friend 2 Friend, “The Hanukkah party is important to me, as I get together with my buddy, and get out in the community, and I also have other people to talk to and hang out with.” Adds Julia, matched in both the Community Program for 17 months and MAGIC for 14, “I get to meet more new friends and see old ones. My volunteers are nice to me, and that party gives me a chance to celebrate the holidays with them.”

The Hanukkah party – sponsored this year by former JBBBS Board Chair and volunteer David Bamel and volunteer, Lisa Bamel –  is squarely in keeping with Friend 2 Friend’s mission. Friend 2 Friend programs introduce adults with disabilities – many of them socially-isolated or lacking support systems outside the disabilities community – to new friends.

This year’s party takes place on December 16 in Brookline. For more information, or to RSVP, contact Director of Friend 2 Friend, Jan Klein, at 617.558.6548 or e-mail jan@jbbbs.org.