I may not ride, but… (with JBBBS/Rodman Ride volunteer, Lisa Kessel).

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July 29th, 2014
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I’m a supporter both of the event and one of the agencies it benefits, JBBBS. Here’s why…

It was a beautiful day last September. The sun was shining brightly and you could feel the energy in the air as my friend, Meredith, and I approached the registration desk, ready to volunteer.  We slipped into our bright yellow Ride shirts and walked together with our noisemakers to the spot where we were assigned to cheer on hundreds of bikers as they sped past.

Meredith and I are matched in JBBBS’ Friend 2 Friend MAGIC Program, which serves adults with disabilities. We see each other once a month for a group activity with other matches. And while we enjoy that time with friends, we occasionally like to step outside the box and do something special together apart from the group.

Lisa Kessel (right) and Meredith at the Rodman Ride for Kids, 2013.

Lisa Kessel (right) and Meredith at the Rodman Ride for Kids, 2013.

As a non-rider, when I was approached about volunteering I was admittedly skeptical about whether I’d have fun. But, a supporter of JBBBS, I decided to give a few hours to the cause. And it was inspiring to be in the presence of others who support the agency with their time and money.

I was pleased to be able to spend that beautiful  afternoon with Meredith. Her eagerness to be involved, to help, was contagious. As we prepared PB&J’s for the riders and met others volunteers, I felt truly lucky to be part of such a great program. MAGIC  brought us together, and we’ve really bonded.

As we approach our two-year match anniversary, I  think back to all of the special events we have experienced. While I have fond recollections of big group activities and social events, I can honestly say that last year’s Rodman Ride was one of the more significant events that not only strengthened our relationship but also gave both of us a chance to celebrate a program we love.