“I now pronounce you friends!”

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December 9th, 2014
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JBBBS: Here’s the next great feel-good story complements of Friend 2 Friend Caseworker, Sue Lewis!

Steven is a 30-something who has developmental disabilities; he grew up speaking Spanish, as his mother is from Guatemala. He lives in a neighborhood in Boston where we, at JBBBS, see few Community volunteers. Steven had been waiting for over two years for a right-fit match – until Louis came along.

Louis not only speaks Spanish but also lives in the same neighborhood as Steven. And both enjoy shooting hoops, hiking and eating pizza.

At our match meeting – the first time participant and volunteer meet – Steven smiled from ear to ear. He and Louis talked about all the exciting things they would do together. Steven’s mom and aunt, who were also present for the meeting, were especially happy for Steven to have a friend who could literally speak his language.

As we concluded, I announced, ‘This match meeting is officially over, and I now pronounce you friends!’ I expected laughter – but immediately Steven, his mom, his aunt and Louis all stood up and simultaneously started clapping. Their round of applause was so loud that it attracted the attention of people in surrounding offices!

As they left, Steven exclaimed, “Louis is my best friend.”

I was pleased to witness this feel-good moment firsthand. It’s just one story that really exemplifies what Friend 2 Friend is all about: a magical program which helps enrich people’s lives through friendship.