Introducing: Elise Yafet, Administrative Specialist.

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December 9th, 2014
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The organization’s new Administrative Specialist, Elise Yafet, moved from Milwaukee to Boston for work at JBBBS. Here, Elise talks the new job and her favorite spot in town.

Why do you like working here?

One of the highlights of working at JBBBS has been getting to see all of the different parts that help make JBBBS a functioning agency, which supports the greater good. From learning about the behind-the-scenes details that go into planning a fundraising event, to hearing a social worker’s story about a unique Big/Little connection, it becomes clear that there is a ton of work that occurs seamlessly and often unnoticed. It is great to be able to watch all of the details come together through everyone’s various roles at the organization.

What about JBBBS’ mission appeals to you?

I care about mentoring/friendship, because I believe mentors have the ability to impact someone’s life for the better. While we all come from different backgrounds, I think we can each identify the importance that specific people play in our lives. Although things may seem difficult for someone at a certain point, a mentor has the ability to bring a new and fresh perspective to someone else’s life. I believe knowing even one person who believes in you, supports you and cares about your future can ultimately make a world of difference for an individual.

So, who’s your mentor?

My mom is definitely the biggest mentor in my life, because she has always encouraged me to go after my interests, never limits me in my pursuits and supports me unconditionally.

You just moved to the city. Tell us about your new favorite place.

My favorite spot in the city thus far has to be the Public Garden. Walking into the garden space for the first time, a goofy band dressed up in animal costumes was playing some of my favorite folky music. After walking past the band, it was hard not to be blown away by the picturesque scenery around me. Everything was so calming and beautiful. I was able to truly take in the environment around me and appreciate my surroundings at that moment.

Welcome, Elise: