Kids in Queue: Meet Chris!

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November 14th, 2016
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thisisbig-rocketkidIf you’ve frequented social media in recent days, it’s likely you’ve witnessed the rallying cry for those people who care about their communities and their neighbors to do something: Make a gift, volunteer your time… But, to be clear, we’ve long understood just how deeply local kids are counting on us grown-ups. Here at JBBBS, we have a nearly 100-year track record of working to empower local children, teens and families through 1:1 mentoring. The success of our programs – and of the kids in our programs – has always very much depended on a caring and committed volunteer base.

We need you. We’ve always needed you. We always will. Even if/when the post-election rallying cry fades to a whisper. Especially then.

Real kids are, and always will be, counting on you. “Kids in Queue” highlights the story of just one of them. So, if you’re not already volunteering, learn more or apply here. If you are, help us spread the word: Share this story on social media or e-mail a link to a friend or colleague who’d make a great Big Brother or Sister.


Third grader, Chris, says gym class is his favorite. He’s a budding athlete who looks forward to the occasional soccer match with his future Big Brother. He’s currently teaching his own little brother to play the piano. Chris loves music, movies, board games and books and can’t wait to share his favorite pastimes with his mentor.

Chris’ mom passed away last year, and he’s currently living with an older family member in Newton.

Are you Chris’ future Big Brother? Are you ready to learn more about mentoring? Contact us.