Kids in Queue: Meet Gabe!

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August 11th, 2015
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SoVolunteer.Shoes“Kids in Queue” features one ready-to-be-matched Little Brother or Sister. (In other words, there are more of them! Kids – plural – are waiting on right-fit Big Brothers and Sisters right now.) We redact identifying information to protect the privacy of our Little Brothers and Sisters, but the fact remains: Their stories are real. And so is the need for volunteers.


Gabe had been itching for his very own “Big” since before his sister was matched in the Children’s Program in May. The Newton 10-year-old (who, over the past year, has been weathering a number of transitions including a move and his parents’ separation), was recently diagnosed with ADHD. He admits that making and keeping friends has been tough for him. He sometimes feels left out.

Gabe is high energy. He’s also a self-described “nerd,” an academic who, his social worker adds, is “a true humanitarian.” (One of his three wishes is to counter terrorism around the globe!) He’s a history buff, enjoys science, video games, chess and scootering.

Gabe’s ideal Big Brother: A young man equipped to handle Gabe’s high energy! Fellow intellectuals welcome.

Make a difference for Gabe or another of the children on our wait list. Apply now.