Kids in Queue: Meet Kyle!

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August 4th, 2015
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“Kids in Queue” is a bi-weekly column devoted to telling the stories of waiting-to-be-matched Little Brothers and Sisters. That’s “waiting” – as in waiting on you or someone you know to volunteer time and talent to the cause, to mentor.

Meet Kyle.


South Shore native, Kyle, is 14. He’s living with his mom, and his parents are currently going through a divorce. He sees little of his dad and is eager to connect with a Big Brother, a male role model. He’s been waiting since April for a match in JBBBS’ Community Program.

“Kyle is a good kid,” says his mom. “He’s kind, polite…always says please and thank you.”

His JBBBS social worker concurs. She adds, “He’s mature for his age and really enjoys engaging with adults.”

“I want to meet someone nice,” Kyle says. “We’d go on adventures…hiking, laser tag, maybe go into Boston, go running.” He adds that what he’s most looking forward to in a Big Brother is having a man to talk to.

His ideal Big Brother: Someone in his 30s, 40s or 50s, engaging, fun and active. Big Brother should be settled and consistent, living on – or within driving distance – of the South Shore.

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