Meet Jocelyn Gordon, a second-time rider in the Rodman Ride for Kids.

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August 27th, 2013
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Why do you ride in the Rodman Ride for Kids? I’m involved in the ride to support JBBBS. As a recent college graduate and a young Ride 2012-32professional working in the nonprofit world, I do not have the capacity to donate to organizations I love and support, but I love that I can make a difference by volunteering. It’s why I originally signed up to be a Big Sister. The Ride offers a unique opportunity for me to talk about the work of JBBBS, raise funds through my participation, and publicly show my support the day of the ride.

Were you a bike rider before you started in the Rodman Ride for Kids? Before last year’s 2012 Rodman Ride, I had not ridden a bike since I was in middle school. I didn’t even own a bike! Other members of the JBBBS Young Professionals group encouraged me to try 25 miles (they convinced me that if I could run a mile, I could bike 25, although I’m still not sure where they came up with those calculations), and I figured that having a bike in Boston wouldn’t be a bad idea. So I bought a bike in May 2012, joined the “CHAI Rollers” on their practice rides through downtown Boston (let me tell you – 25 miles on a road with no cars is nothing after 10 miles through downtown Boston during rush hour!), and I surprised myself when I continued to bike even after the Ride last year!

What is your favorite part of the day? Finishing the Ride! I had only ridden 12 miles on any practice ride before the actual day, so I was nervous. When we got to Foxboro, Seth (a fellow CHAI Roller rider) checked my tire pressure and was shocked at how low it was. He filled up my tires, told me to stop worrying, and that it was going to be easier now that my tires were full. He was right. It felt amazing to finish with no problems and only one break at the first water stop. It was also awesome to wave to others wearing the JBBBS bike jerseys along the route and at lunch afterwards, even if I didn’t know them: I liked knowing we were teammates riding in support of the same organization.

Jocelyn’s #1 tip for first-time riders: Put air in your tires!