Michelle Ma Belle: Beautiful friendships abound in F2F!

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January 14th, 2015
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Michelle and Nina.

Michelle and Nina, karaoke night!

The best way to describe what my friendship with Michelle means to me would be to say that she is the rainbow sprinkles on top of my ice cream cone!  Ice cream alone is a treat that just makes you smile.  But when there are rainbow sprinkles on top, it adds color and texture to something already great.

My life was full before meeting Michelle.  I was a newlywed, enjoyed going out with friends and family, just bought a home in Newton, had a close relationship with my JBBBS Little Sister of five years (and counting; today, it’s 17!) and loved my job.  When I shared I was going to volunteer in Friend 2 Friend’s MAGIC Program, everyone thought I was “crazy” for adding one more activity to my plate.  However, this opportunity was too good to pass up: Do some good, have someone else plan the activity and all I had to do was “show up” once a month for a few hours?

Here we are having passed a Bat Mitzvah anniversary (13 years and still “showing up!”)  Michelle and I laugh a lot and have fun every time we are together.  It’s a time when I can just be present and not worry about anything else going on in life.

My most cherished moment with Michelle was showing her a picture of my ultrasound of our first child and sharing I was pregnant. Her response was pure joy. She said, “I get two friends for the price of one!”  I quadrupled Michelle’s friends over time.  During all three of my pregnancies, Michelle would remember when my prenatal check-ups were and would call me to make sure all was well. I can’t say that about any other friends of mine!  She’s met my family. To this day, my three sons like to say hello to Michelle when she calls.

The story that Michelle has the most fun telling everyone is was how sick I felt one night out.  We all took a Harbor cruise and the rocking boat did not fare well during my first trimester! We love going to all the activities together: Clayroom, Paintbar, Create a Cook, movies, plays, nights out in Boston, dancing, karaoke…

Each year, at karaoke night, Michelle and I have a tradition of singing the Beatles’ song, “Michelle Ma Belle.”  The translation says it all: “Michelle, My Beautiful.”  We pick other songs to sing, too, but when I say, “Is it time to sing our song, Michelle?”  Michelle replies with a huge smile and nod which warms my heart.

Just as you smile every time you see an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, I smile each time I see Michelle.  You can’t stop eating ice cream because it is just so good, and the sprinkles make it extra special!  I’m looking forward to the next 13 years of activities which, I joke, might include Canasta, knitting, and Mahjong!

– Blog by Nina Dickerman, Michelle’s Friend since 2002 and Tanya’s Big Sister since 1997. Make your own memories. Apply now to volunteer at jbbbs.org!