My Little Story: Autonomy.

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April 4th, 2016
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“Autonomy” was written by spoken word poet, and Little Sister, Kiana Harper. MyLittleStory1

Suffocation, Depression, Suppression/My ideals are crushed under a façade of propriety/it is unlikely you’ll ever see a vitriolic side of me.

My thoughts are…/Tempered, Dampened, Lessened.

What I say matters more than you would think/but what I mean waits on the side./On the brink of the character I present/and the person I am.

Why do we say things that equate/to society’s proverbial “right answer.”/All our thoughts can’t mean it so we add on a…/JK, Just Kidding, Sorry, Mayday.

The day we say what we mean without apology/is the day we are no longer living in a perfect/Society, Democracy, Mockery.

We are citizens made to be liars because/the truth is too taboo/for the genteel likes of you.

We are told to…/Sketch, Wretch, Stretch/an awful fib, into a white lie, a nicety/made for an all too delicate people.

It seems that in this land/We are growing too frail and weak to stand.

Stand behind our thoughts and words./Everything we…Post, Tag, Link, or Brag/About will stay online forever but/Never doubt that it could not matter less to the population./No one regards our current forms of expressions/as impressive because they leave no impression./Just look!/Inspect, Connect, Reflect/Take a step back to really see/all the interesting attributes I’m presenting./All my thoughts and ideas are worth spreading./So I propose a new idea, an autonomy/A self-run government where you can run…/your mouth, spout, or shout.

Feel free to say what you will with…/Integrity, Dignity, Liberty.

I will reside in my autonomy/and stay strong in the land of Kiana/in the land of me.