My Little Story: Our friendship inspired me.

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July 22nd, 2016
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MyLittleStory1We call it “My Little Story,” but there’s nothing “little” about it. Friendship is big – and it’s a big deal. Plus, for many of our matches, it’s long-lasting. 

Take Deirdre and Cookie, for example. 

In this edition of “My Little Story,” alumni Friend 2 Friend volunteer, Deirdre, dishes about her match to Cookie. 


Cookie and I were matched in 2013. At that time, I was living in Cambridge and working as a case manager at JF&CS which is where I learned about Friend 2 Friend. From there, I knew immediately how important this program was in providing more social opportunities for people with disabilities, and I really wanted to be a part of that. When I met Cookie, we met twice a month at different places around Brookline and Cambridge (The Clay Room, Knight Moves Cafe, the movie theater, Eagle’s Nails, etc.) We learned pretty quickly how much we had in common: painting, crafts, board games, Pixar movies and making our friends laugh. The more time we spent together, the more our friendship grew stronger. I never felt that I was volunteering in a superficial sense. I genuinely enjoy making time for Cookie because she is a great person, and we like to make each other laugh.

The biggest thing that has happened to me, is that our friendship inspired me to pursue an MSW. The time I spent with Cookie helped me recognize the need for more programs for people with disabilities. While we were apart, I never really lost touch with Cookie and still made time to see her during my regular visits back to Boston. My worldview has changed, and I feel that our friendship encouraged me to be a stronger advocate and ally. Going forward, I plan to return to Boston, and I’m excited to kick-off my career in social work!

Cookie has such a strong support system through JBBBS, and I see how much it continues to support our friendship even today. Early on, the promotions it provided helped us to explore different places in the area, which Cookie and I really loved. And today, we still like to meet at The Clay Room and get lunch in Coolidge Corner. I like getting updates from Cookie about different events in her life. It is really difficult not to keep in touch, since we had such a great experience in Friend 2 Friend!

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