My Little Story: She always asks about Candy.

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August 5th, 2016
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MyLittleStory1Did you catch the last installment in our ongoing “My Little Story” series? No? Read this first. And then meet Cookie!

She’s Deirdre’s one-time match in Friend 2 Friend. And she had this to say about the impact of that match and continued long-distance friendship with Deirdre.


I talked to Deidre last night. I told her  I’m happy we are still friends even after her move.  We continue calling, texting  and spend time together when she’s in Boston. I like that I have met some of her friends…also, her sister. Our friendship is a long-distance one now, but it’s grown stronger because, even thou we are far apart, we make time to talk and laugh about everything. The fact that she always asks about Candy [Cookie’s beloved dog] is a plus too!

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