My Little Story: The Face Swap.

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March 8th, 2016
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MyLittleStory1With #MyLittleStory, we capture those photos, videos and short stories that depict why and how much you care: about your mentee, your mentor, mentoring-friendships, JBBBS. Sometimes, the stories are serious. Sometimes sad. Sometimes – take today’s for example – they’re silly. Very.

Indeed, we have lots of little stories.

And we have one big dream.

Here, we aim to make strong, stable matches between children confronting adversity and caring and committed adult mentors. We aspire to introduce socially-isolated adults with disabilities to new friends in their communities. We believe relationships matter. Because they do.

Now check out this week’s submission from Mary Weinburg and her Little Sister, Jamie.


“Here’s a video of Jamie and me doing a face swap. We felt it accurately describes our match. We also wanted to add that we are lucky JBBBS matched us because we click so well. We love being able to do fun things together. Even sitting in the car has our sides splitting.”

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