One Little-turned-Big Sis on what YOU should be doing this June 10.

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June 2nd, 2015
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By: Erin D., former Little Sister and current Big Sister in JBBBS’ Children’s Program

Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters has been such a blessing in my life. As a Little Sister, I was matched with a kind and supportive mentor and friend. Now as a Big, I am fortunate enough to be matched with an extraordinary Little to whom I can provide the same mentorship and friendship that I was lucky enough to receive all those years ago.

As if all that wasn’t enough, thanks to the many friends and donors of the JBBBS Educational Scholarship Fund, I was granted a scholarship, which enabled me to afford to pursue a college degree at Brandeis University. Those four years provided me not only with an outstanding education, but also shaped my values as a young person. I am now devoted to social justice and plan to return to graduate school in the near future to pursue a Master’s degree in social work.

As someone who has experienced firsthand so much of what JBBBS has to offer, I encourage you to attend the Scholars’ Dinner on June 10 and to support the scholarship program. The dinner is a wonderful event that truly showcases what power the scholarship has on shaping the lives of young people in the community. Like so many other scholarship recipients, I consider myself truly indebted to JBBBS and a lifelong friend to the organization. Please come and support the scholarship program so that it may continue to help others in the same way it has helped me.

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