For Adults with Disabilities

big sister little sister paintingJewish Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Friend 2 Friend Programs, which serve adults who have disabilities, provide continuity in service for Little Brothers and Sisters aging out of our Children’s Programs, as well as other young adults and people at mid-life and beyond, the opportunity to make a new friend, socialize, stay active!

Friend 2 Friend programs support one-to-one friendships for qualifying adults.

Participants are ages 18+ with mild to moderate disabilities including but not limited to cognitive and developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, mild mental illness, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury. They possess basic communication and independent living skills. They’re Jewish and non-Jewish from a variety of different places and life experiences. The common thread is that each could both benefit from, and seeks, human connection, socialization, friendship.

big sister little brother paintingOur volunteers spend a few hours each month helping another adult feel special. Maybe they share the participant’s passion for trivia night or his or her interest in gourmet cooking. Or perhaps the volunteer is to thank for introducing the participant to a brand new hobby, a favorite eatery, a classic film.

Here, the value of community runs deep – and friends are an integral part of it.