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jbbs bowling eventThe Friend 2 Friend Community Program pairs a participant, an adult with mild to moderate disabilities, with a volunteer Friend. Friends get together once or twice per month at a mutually convenient time and place. Some enjoy spectating at professional sporting events (go Pats!), others stroll Frog Pond or lunch at a favorite diner.

Friends split the cost of outings – and some participants provide their own transportation.

For more, see these FAQs or contact our F2F team.

F2F Community FAQs

It all depends on the match pair! When participant and volunteer get together, they do those things they mutually enjoy – from arts to sports to taste-testing ethnic cuisine. Their interests are as diverse as they are.

Participants and volunteers pay their own way, so, very often, Friends structure their time to suit their budgets. (Some pairs stick to free or low-cost outings. Others not so much.) Plus, the agency helps supplement the cost to participate by organizing a number of planned activities throughout the year, and Friend 2 Friend Community matches can take advantage of our Pick of the Month program.

No! We have deep, proud ties to the area Jewish community, but we welcome individuals, families, volunteers, donors, staff and board members who hail from a huge variety of religious affiliations and, some, none at all.

In our programs, we serve people with any number of disabilities – from Down Syndrome to Asperger’s to Cerebral Palsy to visual impairments to depression. Moreover, though, we serve people with disabilities who are seeking friendship. If that sounds like you (or someone you know), contact us online or phone 617.558.6548 to speak directly to our Friend 2 Friend program director.

It depends on the volunteer. Some have extensive personal or professional experience with people who have disabilities. Others are encountering people with disabilities for the first time in our program. When screening prospective volunteers, we assess their willingness to embrace difference. And we work closely with volunteers to see to it that they have the support they need to nurture a new friendship.