The Participant Experience

big sister little brother displaying artFor some adults with disabilities, forming friendships – especially friendships outside the disabilities community – can be a challenge. By design, JBBBS’ adult programs seek to eliminate barriers to lasting friendships for adults with disabilities by introducing them to at least one new friend outside the disabilities community.

I met one of my best friends through the Friend 2 Friend program! She’s awesome!

– Stephanie, Friend 2 Friend participant

Before a participant is enrolled in Friend 2 Friend, a caseworker interviews the prospective participant and his or her guardian, if applicable, to learn a little more about him or her and to determine, conclusively, that he or she qualifies for services here. Afterwards, staff assess whether any of the volunteers on our roster would be a good fit for the participant and, if so, make a presentation. An in-person meeting is arranged, with the caseworker present, after which the participant – in concert with his or her parent/guardian, if applicable – decides whether to move forward with the match. How long it takes to identify a right-fit Friend depends on a number of factors: The participant’s preferences, availability of volunteers and geography, among them.

For more information, or to enroll yourself or an adult close to you in a JBBBS program, contact our Friend 2 Friend team or complete our Participant Enrollment Form.