International Work

Through our dedicated staff and board, we have assisted in the establishment of programs in Haifa, Israel and Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine including:

In Haifa:

Achim Bogrim Achiyot Bogrot (Big Brothers Big Sisters)

International HaifaFounded in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War, “Achim Bogrim” introduced Big Brothers to boys whose fathers were killed in battle. Later, and with support from Combined Jewish Philanthropies’ Boston-Haifa Connection and generous local donors, the organization’s reach expanded to involve “Achiyot Bogrot.” To date, the Achim Bogrim Achiyot Bogrot program in Haifa has matched over 150 children to Big Brothers and Sisters.

Horim Bamerkaz (Parents at the Center)

In 2010, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters assisted Combined Jewish Philanthropies’ Boston-Haifa Connection, together with the Jewish Distribution Committee and the Municipality of Haifa, to launch a community center serving parents with young children in a racially, religiously and ethnically-diverse neighborhood in Haifa. Horim Bamerkaz programs empower parents to identify new supports for their growing families, including introducing parents and their children – Jewish, Christian, Muslim – to one another in the spirit of friendship.

In Dnepropetrovsk:

Starshi Brat/Starshaya Sistra (Big Brother Big Sister)

International DnepWith funding from Combined Jewish Philanthropies’ Dnepropetrovsk Kehillah Project and local donors, JBBBS staff and board traveled to Ukraine in 2000 to provide training and technical assistance in step with the establishment of a youth mentoring program there. The Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters agency has served as a model for the Ukrainian program, consulting with administrators there. Over the next decade, Starshi Brat/Starshaya Sistra connected nearly 100 Ukrainian youth – most referred from local orphanages and social service agencies – to Big Brothers and Sisters.

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