Sasanow contributes time, talent post-retirement.

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December 9th, 2014
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One-time ReServist turned JBBBS Enrollment Specialist, Sharon Sasanow, appeared last month in a feature on the ReServe program’s blog. There, she reflected both upon her experience as a ReServist as well as her involvement with the JBBBS organization.

Sasanow, who moved to Boston in 2009 and retired from a career in clinical research in 2011, joined a networking group later the same year in order to explore post-retirement career options. She learned about ReServe, an organization which matches mature workers, ages 55+, with non-profit organizations looking to attract and onboard experienced, part-time professionals. She joined JBBBS in 2013 as its first Child Recruitment Specialist and was later hired part-time to conduct volunteer intakes.

“ReServe is a wonderful program,” Sasanow said. “My work [at JBBBS] keeps me active and my mind engaged. So many nonprofits need help, and there are many skilled retired people who are looking to help them.”

Sharon Sasanow (pictured, left) and Vice President of Programs, Lisa Cohen.

Lisa Cohen, Vice President of Programs at JBBBS, echoed Sasanow’s sentiments. “There are so many vibrant and incredibly talented seniors who are not done producing and have a lot to offer, but aren’t looking for full-time commitments. Sharon is really diligent and hardworking. She’s brought a burst of energy and focus that has really helped our efforts.”

These days, Sasanow enjoys screening would-be Children’s Program volunteers and learning about their motivation to give of time, and energy, to children and families in need of their support. “It’s a new learning experience each time I talk to a prospective volunteer,” Sasanow said.

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