Split Hooves: Changing the kosher food landscape.

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June 12th, 2015
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We’re kvelling.

JBBBS Development Officer and Friend 2 Friend volunteer, Leora Kimmel Greene, Big Sister Laura Elkayam, and their business partner, Chad Brodsky, are among those completing CJP’s PresenTense Fellowship this week.  Their venture: Changing the kosher food landscape in Boston. How? Split Hooves Community Kitchen. Here’s what they’ve proposed.

Says Kimmel Greene, “Split Hooves Community Kitchen will dramatically expand the possibilities of kosher cuisine, experimentation and community dining experiences in Boston. By combining the ‘community kitchen’ model with a dynamic and aesthetically thoughtful event space, Split Hooves will provide the community with a canvas for culinary exploration rather than simply another limited kosher offering and revitalize Boston’s kosher marketplace.”

Split Hooves is looking to create a state-of-the-art certified kosher cooking hub (meat, milk and pareve) and corresponding event space that facilitates: incubation of local chefs and small brands seeking kashrut certification; hosting of kosher “pop-ups” and kashrut-centered educational programming;  food-based social action; and food-centered community and family events.

Check out Split Hooves on Facebook.