Stats illustrate match growth, diversity.

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December 11th, 2014
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At fiscal year end, September 30, with 503 total clients served across programs, the JBBBS organization reached more children in need and adults with disabilities than at any other point in its 95-year history.

“That number only really tells part of the story,” says Joni Kusminsky, Manager of Recruitment and Communications at JBBBS. “We’re an inclusive agency. It’s our privilege to serve clients and families who are, in so many ways, a microcosm of the community. They hail from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and life experiences.” Kusminsky adds, 67 percent of them are Jewish. “What’s often overlooked, even in an agency steeped in Jewish community, is how incredibly, beautifully diverse that community is.”

There’s diversity of need, too. Of 335 households served in the Children’s Program last year, 243 were headed up by a single mother, 14 by a single father and eight by a grandparent. Thirty-five percent of children were adopted into single-parent or same-sex parent families, 15 percent immigrant, 36 percent children who have special needs, 24 percent who have a parent with special needs. 44 families received Public Assistance.

“I’m proud to support my multicultural caseload,” says Community Social Worker, Joele Zeger. “It’s wonderful to be part of an inclusive agency and to watch our matches revel in their diversity. Just recently, a Big Brother shared with me that he took his Little Brother, who’s a first generation American, for Italian in the North End. Prior to that, the Little had never tasted Italian food.”

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