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January 1st, 2015
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National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month.

We take time out to acknowledge both the commitment of our volunteers (and the continued demand for them) in a month-long series on social media and the JBBBS blog. You’ll hear from current volunteers, participants, friends, family and others who have been impacted by mentoring-friendship. You’ll be moved. You’ll be inspired. You’ll be challenged.

And, we hope, you’ll rise to the occasion.

Here are five simple things you can do, right now, to mark the best month of the year (if we do say so ourselves):

  1. Talk it up. It will take most people hearing about a cause some seven times before they’re inspired to take action. But the key is, they need to hear about it. So tell a friend/family member/colleague how come you give of your time/talent/money to the JBBBS cause. Facebook. Tweet. Blog. Blog for us (contact Manager of Recruitment and Communications, Joni Kusminsky, to learn how). Converse about why you do what you do. No hard asks required. Just chatter. It’s more powerful than you know.
  2. If you see something, share something. Share our content on Facebook. Retweet. Contribute to the buzz.
  3. Join the mailing list. If you’re not already subscribed, visit jbbbs.org now (bottom left-hand corner of the homepage) and sign up to receive our quarterly e-newsletter. It’s a great way to stay informed about the latest from JBBBS.
  4. Tell at least one person that the wait list is real. Because it is. Right now, over 40 kids are waiting on a right-fit mentor. Over 50 adults with disabilities are waiting on a volunteer in the Friend 2 Friend program. Some have been waiting for a while. Months. A year or more. Our match process isn’t as simple as one volunteer to one someone who could use his/her support. It’s about a right-fit match. That means we always have a need for volunteers of all stripes – different genders, different ages, different geographies, different life experiences – to join us.
  5. Take 10 minutes. Whether you just learned about us or you’ve been toying with the idea for ages, are a former Little Brother or Sister all grown up and eager to give back, whether you’re  fulfilling a New Year’s resolution (do good by at least one someone in 2015!), whether you’re a young professional or a retiree with a little time to spare: Take the next step. Take 10 minutes. That’s how long it takes to complete our online application to volunteer.

From all of us at JBBBS to all of you, a happy National Mentoring Month! And a happy 2015!