Thanksgiving Message from Jeffrey Savit

In Hadestown, the absolutely superb Tony Award winning Broadway musical’s retelling of the famous Greek Myth, the heroic protagonist Orpheus is forced to make a life changing decision. When his lady love, Eurydice, descends to the underworld, he must rationalize facing danger in pursuit or turning his back on her. We at JBBBS live in the here and how, and are thankfully never asked to make such choices. Instead, our doors are open to our entire community. And we shall continue to be a long term source of support and guidance to our community during our next 100 years of empathetic service provision.

In this season of thanks, I am writing to praise the roughly 400 selfless heros who volunteer their time and energies as Bigs in our Children’s Program, Friends in our Friend 2 Friend Program, and fiduciaries on our Agency and Endowment Boards, as well as the 800+ donors who support our programs and operations. Without each of you, we could not provide the unparalleled friendship, mentorship, and college and camping scholarship assistance that we perform on a daily basis. And in this season of giving, I also wish to express our gratitude to the roughly 350 children, adults with disabilities and their respective families, who place their confidence in us at JBBBS. Looking ahead, I am proud to announce that JBBBS soon will be launching two new mentorship and training programs in an effort to expand our continuum of compassion, care and inclusivity across Eastern Massachusetts, one for Bigs and Littles from the LGBTQ+ community, as well as one for our incoming college scholarship recipients. How thankful am I that I get to oversee this communal bounty of goodness.

In the here and now, Orpheus would have been the most wonderful JBBBS volunteer mentor or friend. From my family to each of yours, I wish you all the most wonderful Thanksgiving holidays.


Jeffrey K. Savit, President and CEO