The children.

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November 10th, 2016
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imagine-2If, like us, you’re feeling some kind of thing about what happened on Tuesday night (surprise, sadness, loss, rage, hope, excitement, elation, uncertainty), you’re not alone. Far from it. That’s because, in addition to your friends, family, colleagues and perfect strangers – all of them unpacking their feelings about the results of this election – there are “the children.”

Here at Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters, we’ve been thinking about a lot about them. We’ve even heard from a few. The net (and was this ever really a question?): “The children” need us. Our Little Brothers and Sisters are unpacking those feelings, too. So having caring, committed mentors in their corner is important. Important always. Especially important right now.

We’re thinking of the hundreds of kids and teens whose Big Brothers and Sisters have been such a resource, who will continue to serve an important purpose in their lives going forward.

We’re thinking of the 25+ local children on our current wait list. We’re eager to match them to great Big Brothers and Sisters…additional supportive grown-ups with whom they can talk it out, unwind, derive some motivation, encouragement.

We’re thinking of prospective volunteers – good people we haven’t even met yet. We’re hopeful you’ll channel that thing you’re feeling into a positive next step, that you’ll e-mail us, call us up, apply to be our next great Big Brother or Sister. That’s Big.

We’re thinking we’ve been bringing people together since our inception almost 100 years ago. We’ve been there for kids when they needed us most. It’s what we do. It’s what, with your help, we’ll continue to do. It’s what we’re so very motivated to do.