Virtual Connection for

Friend 2 Friend Volunteers

To our volunteers - we are here for you

As we navigate these uncertain times together, our connections with you and the relationships you’ve built with your Friend is more important than ever. Our team is here to answer your calls, texts, emails and video chat requests. We encourage you to reach out so we can answer questions, provide resources or even just say hello during this time that so many of us are at home.

Tools for Staying Connected

  • Texting is an easy way to stay in communication with your Friend. Please check in with your Friend to make sure they doing okay during these tough times and their basic needs are met. Practicing social distancing can be a big adjustment for your Friend and their family. Please check in to see what they are doing to keep busy and offer help or guidance wherever needed.

  • Schedule a virtual outing weekly using video services like FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom. We'll continue to provide virtual field trip ideas here, on social media and through your match support specialist on a weekly basis.

  • If your Friend has limited access to a phone or computer, you can still keep in touch. Write a letter or card to your Friend each week with encouraging messages and updates to let them know they're on your mind.

  • Talk with your Friend over the phone twice a month. Use our tips below for talking to adults with disabilities about coronavirus as well as ways to continue engaging with them over the phone.

Have intentional communication

  • As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, it may trigger trauma for many people. They may have family members vulnerable to the virus or they may be overwhelmed by the constant influx of news and information surrounding the pandemic.

  • Help your Friend understand why we are taking a pause on in-person meetings. Let them know you care and this is in the hope that we can reduce the number of people getting sick. Take this opportunity to educate them on the importance of staying indoors to protect themselves and others. ​

  • Your Friend may need you as they are experiencing anger, fear, or sadness around the current situation. They or a family member may be vulnerable or have been laid off from a job. Emotions can be high and they will need someone with which to express their feelings.

Virtual Activity Ideas

  • Get your and your Friend's creativity flowing and enjoy a virtual drawing lesson together over FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. Watch online drawing video tutorials in sync while you compete to see who's the better artist. You can also try playing pictionary or do crosswords together too.


  • Sign up for an online game with your Friend to stay connected. There are many ideas on the app store like (Uno, Draw Something, or Words with Friends). Ask your Friend if there are group games they like to play online and have them invite you.

  • Send your Friend an e-book. You can read it together over the phone or video chat. Check out what your local library has for virtual resources. Boston Public Library offers ebooks, genealogy, wellness, and online learning resources on their website.
  • When you're on the phone or video-chatting your Friend, play games like Two Truth and a Lie, Desert Island, or Would You Rather to extend your conversations. You can also play a game of trivia together to get to know your Friends interests.

Virtual Field Trips

Hundreds of zoos, museums, National Parks and art galleries are now offering free live webcams and virtual field trips to keep people at home entertained and educated.
Schedule a “meetup” time with your Friend, then share the links below to start your virtual field trip!
Click here for more virtual trips you can take with your match.


Hop into a time machine with your Friend and explore the world by time period, idea, or location. Uncover hidden objects and artworks from the museum's rooms

San Diego Zoo

You and your Friend can tune into the live cams and watch baboons, koalas, elephants, and more

New England Aquarium

Dive into a virtual tour of the New England Aquarium. Watch multiple live presentations such as shark feedings, harbor seal tooth brushing, and sea turtle hospital tour.