Volunteer with Adults with Disabilities

Our Friend 2 Friend Programs for adults with disabilities rely on new and ongoing support from volunteers. Right now, we are actively seeking volunteers in: big sister little sister smiling


So called because Friends catch up in the community, one-to-one, once or twice per month. When they get together, they participate in whatever activities they mutually enjoy: cooking class, crafting, sports, biking, hiking, bowling. Volunteers and participants split the cost of outings, and the agency helps defray cost through agency-organized match activities and its Pick of the Month Program. Participants generally provide their own transportation to and from activities. Volunteers commit to at least a year with the program.


Monthly Activity Group In the Community. Volunteers are matched, one-to-one, to a Friend. They meet for an agency-organized, low-cost activity one evening per month with other match pairs: karaoke night, cooking class, holiday parties. Most activities are accessible by public transportation. Volunteers commit to spend at least one year matched to a Friend in the program.

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