Volunteer Application Process

big sister little sister art projectWhether you happened upon our website in the course of researching volunteer opportunities in the disabilities community or because you had a great conversation with a current volunteer, you’re considering befriending an adult with disabilities in Friend 2 Friend.

Now what?

Step 1: The Application.

Complete our short Volunteer Application Form. It takes only about five minutes. After that, a member of the JBBBS Outreach team will be in touch via e-mail – in most cases within two business days – to schedule a call.

Step 2: The Call.

Outreach staff are poised to answer prospective volunteers’ questions, to ascertain whether prospective volunteers meet basic requirements to be considered and, if so, to advise around next steps. Calls are brief – typically lasting about five minutes.

Step 3: The Interview.

The prospective volunteer meets, in person, with Friend 2 Friend staff to explore, on a more personal level, his or her qualifications and motivation to volunteer. At the same time, the prospective volunteer will be asked to submit references and consent to multiple legal background and driving record checks. This meeting typically lasts about an hour and can be arranged at the prospective volunteer’s convenience including in the morning, during the evening hours or on Sunday.

Step 4: The Decision.

Taking into account motivation, hobbies, interests and availability, as well as the results of reference, background and driving record checks, Friend 2 Friend staff render a case-by-case decision about whether a prospective volunteer is a right fit for any of the adults with disabilities on the program roster. The prospective volunteer is notified, one way or another, by phone or e-mail.

Step 5: Match Meeting.

Once a volunteer is qualified, staff present the volunteer with a basic profile of a waiting adult with disabilities seeking friendship in a Friend 2 Friend program. The volunteer can then decide whether to move forward with a match meeting (or not). The meeting brings together the volunteer, the participant and the caseworker. If all parties are in agreement, the match relationship commences.