Requirements to Volunteer

Requirements KidsTo be considered for Big Brother/Big Sister vacancies at JBBBS, a prospective “Big” must be:

  • Age 21+ and living or working in Greater Boston;
  • Capable of making, at minimum, a year’s commitment to a Little Brother or Sister (or 10 months if applying to our School Program);
  • Capable of meeting a Little Brother or Sister about twice per month, usually on weekends;
  • Capable of using personal vehicle or mass transit to transport Little Brother or Sister to and from activities (in our Community Program);
  • Willing to submit to volunteer screening process including multiple legal background and driving record checks.

Bear in mind that these are the basic requirements to volunteer. In other words, our professional staff also consider, among other factors, the prospective volunteer’s motivations, life experiences, personal/professional goals and medical and mental health history in order to make a determination about whether he/she is a right fit, right now, for children on the Little Brother/Little Sister roster.

Sound like you? Apply now.