Corporate Volunteerism

Corporate VolunteerismIf you’re an employer – or if you work for an employer – who takes service as seriously as we do, let’s talk. Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters has partnered with local businesses to on-board new volunteers from among their ranks.

It works something like this: A corporation hosts a volunteer information session. JBBBS staff meet your people over coffee or pizza. We talk volunteering and answer questions. Maybe we even bring a current Big Brother or Sister along for the ride. Afterwards, you encourage your workforce to consider a community service opportunity. (“Hey, you’d make a great mentor!”) Some of our business partners tout volunteering as a benefit to employment. Others incentivize it (think: casual Fridays for mentors).

To explore how you might support our work through yours, see these FAQs or contact our Outreach team.

FAQs – Corporate Opportunities

Lots of reasons. Apart from the obvious opportunity to “give back,” we know that corporate volunteerism has been shown to promote increased employee engagement. (Employees are happier on the job because they feel as if their employer really cares.) Plus, opportunities like these appeal to millennials, the very crop of young talent corporations are seeking to attract. And there’s increased employer visibility when a number of its staff are active in their communities.

Wrong. Here’s the story: Historically, our roots lie in Jewish community and we remain actively engaged in the local Jewish community to the present day – recruiting participants and volunteers from area temples and Jewish groups, for example. But we also just as readily recruit participants and volunteers from other places: both faith-based and non. We promote no religious ideology. We’re fully inclusive and non-sectarian. Our participants, volunteers, donors, staff and board are a diverse bunch. We’re a registered 501c3 non-profit social service agency.

No. That’s because prospective volunteers are screened individually for eligibility. If accepted, they are then matched, one-to-one, to a waiting Little Brother or Sister on our roster. Employees might be assigned to the same school or the same MAGIC group as a colleague, but our primary concern is fostering individual personal connection between volunteer and participant.