Waiting List Summary

Mentors Needed!
Over 100 children and adults on our wait list!


The need is greater than ever. More than 50 children in our Big/Little program and an additional 50 adults with disabilities in our Friend 2 Friend program are waiting for a caring, adult role model. By volunteering just a few hours a month, YOU can make a HUGE difference in someone’s life.

We serve children and adults with disabilities from all backgrounds who are impacted by a variety of challenging circumstances.

Meet a few of the children and teens who are waiting for a mentor:

Age 10, Newton
Anna’s mother tragically passed away and she is now being raised by her father. The family is new to Massachusetts and does not have any familial support in the area. Anna’s father works most weekends and does not have a lot of time to take Anna to activities. Anna enjoys spending time outside and learning how to play the guitar. She is hoping to do arts and crafts, go to the movies and explore Boston with a Big Sister.

Age 7, Dedham
James is a shy boy being raised by his single mother who immigrated here from another country. His brother and sister are already matched at JBBBS, but James has been patiently on our waitlist for almost a year. He would benefit from a male role model who is consistent, kind, and who just wants to hang out and have fun!

Age 13, Swampscott
Alex and his younger brother are being raised by their grandmother who has a physical disability. Alex’s grandmother is on a fixed income, so Alex misses out on a lot of fun activities due to financial limitations and his grandmother’s medical challenges. Alex hopes to hang out with a Big Brother who will want to shoot hoops and talk about sports!

Meet some fabulous Adults with Disabilities who are looking for a Mentor:

Age 38, Brookline
Josh has a developmental disability and lives in a residence in Brookline. His housemates and staff are all female; his family lives out of state, and he is eager to find a friend with whom he can do “guy stuff”. His work placement is unfulfilling and he is often bored during the day; he is waiting for the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS) to help him find a more suitable vocational program. Josh would love to hang out with a new friend to shoot hoops, go to a sporting event or explore the city.

Age 46, Sharon
12 years ago Deena suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident. She was forced to leave her competitive job. She now lives in subsidized housing and has a limited income. None of her former friendships remain intact due to her difficulty in staying organized on a day to day basis. Deena would love a female friend to take walks, go out to dinner, see movies and maybe even share her love of photography.

There are 100 other children and adults with disabilities like Anna, James, Alex, Josh, and Deena who are waiting for mentors.

By giving just a few hours of your time a month, you can truly have a positive impact on a child or adult in need. Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters will even send you monthly activity opportunities that you can participate in with your match at no cost.

Are you ready to make a difference? Volunteer Now.